Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Credit Manager Solutions: Part 4 of the Series: Using a UCC and Mechanics Lien

Using a UCC

Some Creditors are comfortable filing a UCC Notice in order to help secure their position and in order to secure their loan or funding to a borrower or customer. However, when the borrower or customer is in the construction business, why stop at a UCC--why not go all the way and file a UCC and then, later on, a Mechanic's Lien?

Plus a Mechanic's Lien

If you are extending credit to the construction industry, there is no more powerful or secure position to have than to file both a UCC, when appropriate, and a Mechanic's Lien, when appropriate together.  After the UCC is no longer effective (after goods are used in real property) we move you seamlessly into our Mechanic's Lien process. A huge benefit of continuous securitization is that the lienor continues to maintain its interest in equipment, inventory and receivables under the UCC together with the Mechanic's Lien rights.

= Continuous Securitization

Another benefit of continuous securitization is that the user of the continuous securitization may assign its lien rights to its lender, thus making its lender more secure.

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